Sustainable Tourism

Approach to sustainability

Casa Maderas Eco-Lodge has a serious commitment to sustainability. Those who wish to travel in a conscious and sustainable way can have the chance! We are constantly innovating projects and ideas to better sustain and preserve our beautiful country of Nicaragua! We are putting our best efforts forward, to find a way to enjoy our natural surroundings while remaining environmentally conscious.

These are some of our initiatives:


Reforestation of the property, the Wild Refuge La Flor and Escameca Reserve.
Repopulation of Sea Turtles in the area
Repopulation of Iguanas in the area
Cleaning of the beaches in the area
We work hand in hand with the local competent authorities in order to monitor and control the preservation of the flora and fauna of the area.

Sustainable accommodations at Casa Maderas


No air conditioning and no TV in the rooms
Plans in effect for composting food items instead of wasteful disposal
Recycling of non-organic material (aluminum,  plastic and glass)
Certified Septic Systems for the recycling of water used at Casa Maderas

Grey water is separated from black water. Grey water is wastewater generated from domestic activities such as laundry, dishwashing, and bathing, which can be recycled on-site for uses such as landscape irrigation.

Plans in effect  to develop solar energy for heating water and electricity on grounds
Smart architecture designed to maximize the use of natural light and air circulation
Rational use of towels and linen to avoid waste of water and energy
Organic fruits and vegetables when available (seasonal)
Purchasing products in bulk- in order to avoid solid disposables
We train our staff and educate them to develop sustainable practices in their daily lives, in the hotel and with their families

Education and community participation

Casa Maderas is involved in local schools, supplying much needed school supplies such as notebooks always with a message of `No come huevos de tortugas` 'Do not eat sea-turtle eggs' trying to encourage at a young age the importance of conserving sea turtles for our oceans and later generations to enjoy.